Sweet Spurt RUIN

Ooh baby does that feel good? I love your big hard cock, I wanna make it cum for me! 😉 . That’s right, I lay down some nice sweet baby-talk in this one as I gently and expertly stroke his lubed cock. He’s lost in ecstasy as he tells me how good it feels, and of course I have him on the edge of popping that load in NO TIME. However, as I start to feel that cum begin to surge into his cock, I RUIN HIS ORGASM… BAD. I stop all stimulation and watch as spurt after spurt of jizz shoots helplessly out of his dick.. so fucking hot!!! What’s best about this clip is that several things happen simultaneously… My hand lets go, he cries "don’t stop", and the first shot of nut squirts out of his straining cock.. all at once! I included his POV camera angle for the whole scene plus MY view when the cum starts flying. I know several of my female fans like to see my view, so I aim to please ;). I leave his cock completely alone after he’s done losing his nut, and I leave him lying in his own mess. Enjoy the clip!

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