Ruined Orgasm PUNISHMENT

So I made my cock-boy a deal. If he could last for 2 MINUTES in my pussy I would let him cum.. FULLY cum. I straddled his hard little prick and slid it into my tight wet pussy. I glided his cock slowly in and out and taunted him to cum with my soft porn-star voice.. and I’ll be damned if after 40 SECONDS that little bitch yells "I’m gonna CUM" and grabs his little dick! Oh HELL no. He really thought he was gonna premature ejaculate into my pussy?? I immediately turn off the camera and make him pull-out. Time to PUNISH that cock!! I lay him down and start stroking his desperate dick. He knows I’m gonna RUIN his orgasm, and it turns out to be one of the most VICIOUS ruined orgasms I have ever administered. I feel that first dull throb at the base of his cock, signaling the onset of orgasm, and I LET GO. His cock strains, his hips buck, and ruined cum slowly pulses and pours out of his desperate dick-head >:). He sniffles and cries as I laugh and say "Is that all you GOT" LOL! 😀 I LOVE ruining a hard cock! I leave his cock humping air as he boo-hoos out the last ruined dribbles of his pathetic jizz. But did I stop there? HAHA are you serious?!?! I have a trembling, scared, ultra-sensitive cock in my hand! I’m gonna go straight for that defenseless dick-head with a VENGEANCE and send lightning bolts down that shaft!! Watch as he thrashes, shivers, bucks, sniffles, cries, and begs me to stop! I make sure to pay special attention to the head.. don’t worry guys I know where and how to make you beg and scream. If your cock was in my hands you would cum way too quick and then wish you NEVER MET ME when I torture your pathetic little prick.-Brief vaginal sex, Ruined orgasm, POV camera angles, TWO views of the ruined cum – one of his view and one of MY VIEW. Black painted fingernails, Humiliation, SEVERE post-orgasm torture. Buy this clip and send me a message.. tell me how many nuts you bust! To all my chick fans, I’ve read your messages, and I hope this clip shows you EXACTLY when to stop stroking 😉

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